The Spencer Museum and Art Collaborative (SMAC) is an arts integration initiative supported by the Francis Family Foundation and the Spencer Museum of Art in Lawrence, KS. Our mission is to provide assistance and instructional support for educators across Kansas through informal learning opportunities, arts integration, and skills development for students K-12.

        Professional development and support are central to SMAC's initiative as we strive to create a new learning model that better meets the needs of local educators. SMAC aims to deliver strategies for developing and incorporating arts integration in the classroom and life-long learning through museum partnerships.

        It is our goal that SMAC educators will be able to support new standards and current reforms in education. SMAC educators will be equipped with the knowledge and ability to implement new Kansas College and Career Readiness standards – specifically art standards with processes of creating, presenting, responding and connecting with a multitude of media and content areas.  

        SMAC educators have the potential to be recognized as leaders in arts integration, professional development, museums collaboration and providing students with the opportunity to acquire the 21st century skills necessary to become productive citizens and workers.


E-Mail: smaac@ku.edu