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Being a teacher can be hectic, we know! With that in mind, we will now be making all SMAC material available online. This post contains all of the material included in the SMAC Notebooks and from the first workshop sessions. Please, feel free to download, replace and share these materials as needed.

If you prefer e-copies, you may also even consider using these resources to create an e-notebook and do away with the paper copies altogether!

From here on out, all materials used and disseminated through SMAC activities will be made available on the blog.

Please, let us know if we miss anything and I will be sure to get copies up ASAP!



Cover and Related Info

Cover: Metamorphosis - Handout

Related Info: Gu - Condensed Description


Readings Section

Arts in Schools: Three variations - Handout

Helping Students - Research Article

Perspectives on Object-Based Learning - Handout

Our Place in History: Inspiring Object-Based Learning - Handout


Activities and Ideas Section

Looking at Art - Handout (Assessing visual properties)

Mock Debate Exercise - Activity Guide

Cultural Aesthetics: Eastern Civilization - Handout (Four categories of Japanese Aesthetics)

Cultural Aesthetics: Japanese Idea of Beauty - Handout (Art works and descriptions)

Cultural Aesthetics: Japanese Aesthetics - Activity Guide


Resources Section

Permanent Collections list for SMA - Handout

Kansas Curricular Standards for the Visual Arts - Handout

Kansas Curricular Standards for the Visual Arts - Glossary of terms

Kansas College and Career Readiness Standards - Handout

New Generation Science Standards Framework and Crosscutting concepts

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