Mindfulness Theme: Our First Meeting is Around the Corner

Hello Cohort!

We are putting the finishing touches on our first meeting of the school year. You will see many old and new faces this year as we are expanding the cohort to serve all school districts in the KC Metro area. The on-site meeting will focus on the theme of mindfulness in the social-emotional learning context. We will be using an amazing book to guide us, Looking at Mindfulness: 25 Ways to Live in the Moment Through Art by Christophe Andre. Please see the description below. How can you implement these ideas and incorporate art in your classroom? We'll discuss this more tomorrow. See you all there!

"Stop doing, stop moving, stop twisting and turning. These are the first steps toward inner calm and increased mental clarity, says psychiatrist and leading meditation practitioner Christophe André, who in this book guides us through the art of mindfulness, beginning with art itself. Looking at Mindfulness collects classic and esoteric paintings, from Rembrandt to Hopper to Magritte, and offers a lucid commentary on the inner workings of each. André describes the dynamic on the canvas, and turns to the viewer's and listener's own reactions, exploring the connection between what we see and what we feel. Moving beyond the art on the page, André teaches us what it means to consider our surroundings, our daily interactions and obligations, and their effect on our inner well-being. The paintings are a visual and tangible first step to understanding mindfulness and the benefits of living in the moment. In practicing mindfulness, within ourselves and out in the world, each of us can make immediate, meaningful, and permanent changes in our well-being and the well-being of others."

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