#Museum Moments of Zen

As the world is drastically changing hour-by-hour, let us take a moment to focus on how art and self-reflection can afford us a mental respite. As the glorious Maria Popova writes, journaling quells the fear and enlightens us to our higher selves. I would add art journalling does the same using just a different medium. I continue to notice that when I am not earnestly writing and drawing in my journal, I am not as calm and focused. To be a diarist is to be an active participant in one's own life.

To that end, museums across the globe, including the SMA, are also helping to add to our zen moments during this time. As museums experiment with new ways to deliver content while the galleries are closed, we find surprising corners of peace within museums' social media platforms. Take, for example, a quiet Spring walk through gardens at the Philbrook Art Museum in Tulsa, OK or an "Art Me Anything" open forum on Facebook with Spencer Museum of Art's Works on Paper curator Kate Meyer. You can also head over to Twitter to find inspiration and solace under the hashtag #MuseumMomentsofZen. You will find works and tours from museums all over the world providing tidbits of content to share far and wide.

Take Care All,


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